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Keeping Your Rugs & Upholstery Clean While Keeping You and Your Family Safe.

We’d like to invite you to an earth-friendly upholstery protection revolution. As you know, up until now fabric protectors haven’t been eco-friendly. But times have changed and we’re asking you to change with them.

New Dimension Fabric Protection is an environmentally safe game-changing semi-permanent fabric protector that’s has received the EnviroSeal Certification by the Wool Safe organization. Thankfully, it’s now available for residential and commercial use. Doing the heavy-lifting to resist stains, sun fade, and wear it alone dramatically increases the lifespan of both natural and synthetic fibers. How? It uses nano technology to replenish the fabric’s natural protective agent. This isn’t a surface barrier. It even guards against the spread of unwanted bacteria.

Supporting American workers, our proprietary formula is made in a state-of-the-art carbon-free USA facility. It gives off no VOCs and has an EPA rating of GRAS. There’s no POFA or PTFE ingredients here so New Dimension Fabric Protection is non-toxic and non-allergenic.

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