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Boston MA Green Fabric Protection Company New Dimension Announces New Website

With the advancements in fabric protection comes a new way the design community can service their clients needs, New Dimension has design a web based ordering system allowing the design community to protect fine fabrics.

The leading Boston MA green fabric protection business, New Dimension Fabric Protection and Cleaning, providing free information and estimates for fabric protection, stain proofing and flame retardant estimates in not only in the Boston and surrounding areas, but now nationwide.

The highly renowned New Dimension Fabric Protection and Cleaning has announced the launch of a new website detailing its leading and highly sought after range of stain protection and flame retardant services available for interior designers working on residential, commercial as well as industrial application. More information is available at

New Dimension Fabric Protection is a highly popular sun protection, stain guard and flame proofing service business based in Foxboro, Massachusetts, with extensive experience providing some of the most trusted, thorough sun protection, stain guard and flame proofing service for any commercial or residential needs in Boston and the surrounding areas. Now they are reaching outward (Nationwide) to assist interior designers all over the country, to protect their incredible creations and designs.

The new website is detailing New Dimension’s leading sun protection, stain guard and flame proofing solutions for all types of flooring fabrics, fine furniture, carpets, oriental rugs and even that challenging viscose and bamboo silk fiber. New Dimension’s is also including a protector that will help prevent the spread of unwanted bacteria which is ideal for those homeowners looking to provide the cleanest, safest environment for their families and protect or increase the curb appeal of their properties.

New Dimension’s new website also highlights special cleaning and maintenance tips for the homeowner that is trying to keep a healthy indoor environment. The experienced team of highly trained technicians at New Dimension’s has been providing a targeted range of cleaning and fabric protection services for Wellesley and the Boston Ma area for over 25 years.

Free quotes, consultations and even demonstrations are all part of the New Dimension Fabric Protection and Cleaning’s way of doing business. People can request these by calling them at 508-643-7114 or through their website.

New Dimension Fabric Protection and Cleaning’s CEO, Anthony Miklaszewski, explains “New Dimension committed to providing simply the best eco-friendly green cleaning & fabric protection experience, ever.” “That statement means so much” explains Miklaszewski. “Many companies claim to have a green fabric protector but show no proof. That is why New Dimension chooses to use protectors that are wool safe approved or even one that has received the EnviroSeal certification.”

Miklaszewski’s attention to detail, using EnviroSeal approved and green cleaning products, unmatched customer service and tested ability to protect it all, have made us the best choice for sun protection, stain guard and flame proofing service needs in the Boston, Massachusetts area and now his passion is to help interior designers across the country.”

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