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Tom Higgins Presents Goldshield Technology to California Institute of Technology

On May 21, 2019 Tom Higgins, CEO of Goldshield Technology, Locust Valley, N.Y., was invited to California Institute of Technology to discuss his patented technology to a group of researchers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (“JPL”). These researchers had recently published their discoveryof resistant bacteria on the International Space Station (“ISS”) and were involved in assessing how the Goldshield technology could prevent bio-film build up on the substrates used in the ISS. His visit was to explain theunique functionality of the Goldshield®formulation, how it bonds to substrates and creates a bio-barrier to potential bacteria contamination.

During their conference these researches showed Higgins the results of their evaluation of Goldshield®and how it prevented 100% of the bio-film build up. Further studies in a non-gravity environment will be pursued, yet the early indication is a significant development for the Goldshield technology as it demonstrates an important feature that could benefitmany industries plagued with bio-film development, such sectors as healthcare, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and the cosmetic industry.

A critically important feature of the Goldshield technology is the long term residual protection it provides when applied to virtually and substrate including textiles. During Higgins’ speech he described the Hospital clinical trials conducted on the technology that were peer-reviewed and published in the American Journal of Infection Control, and how, with oneapplication over weeks and months itpreventedharmful bacteria that result in hospital-acquired-infections.

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