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The Spa Girl is Making Masks

The Spa Girl is now using her rug repair skills for mask making. We are still open but work in the rug repair department has slowed. The Spa Girl (Bella) is thinking of ways she can help out durning the pandemic (and pay for college tuition). So Bella has started producing masks. The masks are styled after a South Korean pattern that she found and are made of 2 sheets of 100% cotton with a 100% cotton flannel lining giving you a better filter and protection. They are also washable (they are to be put in boiling water for three minutes for optimum results).

Please let her know if you would like to purchase one from her well made masks they are only $10.00 each and come in three sizes (or Bella will do her best to custom make if need be). ADULT MALE, ADULT FEMALE and CHILDREN'S - the children comes with elastic or ties depending on the age of the child.

She has black or white elastic depending on availability and a large array of colors.

Please FB Messenger me or email me at

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