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See Our Press Release - Fiber ProTector (WB) Awarded WoolSafe EnviroSeal Approval

We at New Dimension are proud to offer a wide range of surface protectors.

The first protection product in the world to receive this approval

By Anthony Miklaszewski, CEO at New Dimension

July 22, 2016

Østerås, NORWAY– Fiber ProTector (Water Base) protection product recently received the WoolSafe EnviroSeal approval. It has met the requirements of EGTS: 1502 and is accredited to use the certification mark on products and packaging. EnviroSeal® certification is a testing and accreditation program for maintenance products suitable for use on carpets and rugs (and other interior textiles).

“I have always known that Fiber ProTector was environmentally friendly but this approval gives it true third-party validation as to its position as the worlds most advanced “Green” protection product available today!” Espen Vogt, CEO FP Norge

The WoolSafe Organization was very congratulatory about this approval and had this to say about its importance to the protection product industry.

“Congratulations to Fiber ProTector! There are many other WoolSafe approved protectors, but yours is the first to get WoolSafe EnviroSeal!” Dr. Ágnes Zsednai Managing Director for The WoolSafe Organization.”

Fiber ProTector® is the most technically advanced fiber protection system available. It has been the preferred anti-soil/stain treatment for numerous hotels, cruise ships, aircraft manufacturers, public transportation, theaters, corporate offices and custom made manufacturers of carpet and fabrics for many years. Fiber ProTector® forms an invisible shield around textile fibers. Fiber ProTector® adds UV protection, it is bacteriostatic, reduces static electricity, inhibits the growth of mold and mildew and does not affect surface texture or breathability. It is now available to the United States, Canada and Mexico through Fiber ProTector America. It is available in New York and New England through New Dimension Fiber Protection and Cleaning. #bestfabricprotection

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact

Anthony Miklaszewski

New Dimension Fiber Protection and Cleaning


(508) 643-7114

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