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New Dimension's Spot & Spill Service Agreement

By having New Dimension's Fabric Protection applied to your rug and/or upholstery, you can be assured that you have the best protection possible against soil and stains.

If you ever have a spot or spill that you can’t get off your protected rug or upholstery, you are covered by our 5-year spot & spill service agreement! There are some terms and conditions that come with your 5-year agreement. You can review these below.

  • Year 1 -Entitles you to receive up to 3 spill removal service calls for a period of one year from the date of application. New Dimension will attempt to remove the spill at no charge to you.

  • Years 2-5 - You will receive 50% off New Dimension standard service call rates. Standard minimum charges vary depending on location. Call (508) 643-7114 or email to find out the minimum service charge for your area.

    • If there are multiple spots on your carpet or fabric, this is most likely soiling – a general issue that requires an overall cleaning. If the item needs an overall cleaning or specialty cleaning (not a spot cleaning) you will be charged for the cleaning at a discounted rate.

    • This agreement does not cover damage caused by bodily fluids (human or animal) such as vomit, urine, feces, general soiling, mold issues, water damage, or dye transfer (including hair and food dye). Many times, bodily (and pet) fluids need to be rinsed out of the padding. This may incur a fee.

    • Other exclusions include pre-existing stains and damage caused by spot and spill removal methods not recommended by manufacturers. (ex. OxyClean, bleach, etc.)

    • The service agreement is limited to a 60-mile distance from Boston, Ma. o Tolls, ferry, parking and other fees may apply.

BONUS: Receive 10% off cleaning for any items that have been treated with Fiber Protector when you have the whole piece cleaned and you can receive our free email newsletter which includes exclusive offers.

IMPORTANT: If you have an emergency spill please call us at (508) 643-7114 or email us at The longer a stain sits, the harder it is to remove. You should call us within the first 24-48 hours.

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