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New Dimension - Boston Rug Cleaning Company Cares For Moth Infested Wool Rug.

The Northeast has a reputation for the swarming of moths in the months leading to the summer season. Although, this is not always the case. Back-in-the-day, before climate-controlled home interior (so thankful), the moths in New England would swarm in the April-May months depending on our temperature. Now, it can depend more on other circumstances such as occupied vs vacant, climate controlled, food supply and much more. New Dimension Protection & Cleaning is committed to protecting your belongings from moth swarms in an efficient and eco-friendly way.

The moth proofing industry is known for heavily chemical-rich services that are environmentally harmful. Many people rely on these services to preserve their household fabrics and decorative items to sanitized and protected from moths. Our planet can’t afford to face these additional, aggressive environmental burdens, but we also must recognize the degree of care our precious items, such as Oriental carpets, require.

Part of our mission involves offering a solution that blends efficiency with an eco-friendly angle, which is why our fabric, carpet and rug cleaning and protection services are as results-driven as they are focused on promoting sustainability and an environmental balance.

We use Moth Resist Wool Preservative that helps prevent infestations in valuable rugs and natural textiles. The wall preservative denatures the wool which makes it unattractive to moths. The wool preservative can prevent new and repeat infestations. This formula safely preserves valuable investment natural fibers. It will last several years and protects up until your next cleaning.

If you have an infestation, we have Pre-Resist, an EPA (FIFRA) exempt pesticide that is eco-friendly and can kill all stages of the mouth’s life cycle. It is designed as an anti-microbial pesticide for rugs and carpets. It will not only work

on moths but some other pests two, including carpet beetles, bedbugs, fleas and spiders.

New Dimension Cleaning & Protection is mindful of the challenge to propose effective cleaning without harming the planet. Ginny Miklaszewski declares, “New Dimension came up with a service that is focused on a fast, reliable and very effective cleaning service, which covers a number of cleaning and protection needs from their clients, while using advanced technology to offer the best eco-friendly cleaning and protection experience ever.”

For more information, call (508) 643-7114 or email

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