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Furniture and Carpets Lasts Longer With Fabric Protection!

If you want your furniture and carpets to last longer, than New Dimension’s fabric protectors can help you out! They assure the best protection possible against stains, re-soiling, UV fading and unwanted bacteria. Most fabric protectors come with two different protective properties. An acid dye blocker is the first one that basically is a clear dye that fills up the extra dye sites in a fiber. This ensures that the so called ‘foreign’ dyes (such as a beverage) don’t leak on the carpet fiber. The second property is known as ‘fluoro-chemical’ and is most known as a 3M Scothgard. This treatment makes sure that any spillage doesn’t get to the acid dye blocker. However, it’s main job is to fight dry soil.

Since it has the capability of resisting dry soil, there are less chances of the soil bonding to the carpet. Your vacuum will be able to pick up more soil because your carpets would be resisting it. To be on the safe side, make sure that there is sufficient amount of protector on your carpet. Once the soil bonds to the carpet, it starts acting like sandpaper on the traffic area. And once the traffic yarns end up breaking, there is no possibility to bring the carpet back to its original state.

Fabric protectors can also be applied on any type of furniture fabric which includes delicate fabrics such as silk and viscose. This is an amazing way to protect your new or just cleaned furniture. Fabric protectors act as a layer of protection on your furniture or carpets so that they last longer, saving your investment.

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