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We are now warehouse receiving rugs at our new facility

Warehouse receiving refers to the process of receiving the delivered items, unloading, and storing in our warehouse.

Our Boston (Attleboro) warehouse boast:

  • Temperature Controlled

  • 3rd Party Pest Control & Monitoring

  • On Staff Master Rug Repair Artisan

  • On Staff IICRC Master Cleaner

  • Full Service Rug Spa If Needed

  • On Staff Carpet Inspector

  • On Stall Furniture Inspector

  • Rug & Furniture Storage Available

A well-established warehouse receiving process can help make inventory management and fulfillment easier, cost-effective, and more efficient.

The standard warehouse receiving process

Warehouse receiving is not simply a matter of receiving inventory and having it sit at our warehouse; rather, it involves several key important steps that must be done correctly to ensure the correct items were received and documented. Not to mention that the items are being inspected upon arrival. Also the items must be stored correctly. Here is an overview of a standard warehouse receiving process:

  1. Create proper documentation and then send your inventory

  2. Receive and unload stock

  3. Count, confirm& document inventory

  4. Rug correction for shipping mishaps

  5. The addition of proper rug & furniture enhancements

  6. Addition of proper rug pad

  7. Store items in the proper way

  8. Local or long distance shipping

Please consider New Dimension Protection & Cleaning for your next rug or furniture shipment.

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